RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange was quiet this morning. I think we are in the midst of assessing the damage that Hurricane Florence brought to both North and South Carolina and the markets are bracing for its effects on banks and financials not to mention agriculture. I’m glad the whole thing is over per se but there is still flooding in the affected areas and it is usually the aftermath of an event like that which makes for difficult days ahead.

I traded the British Pound early this morning and got a couple of good moves from it. I was satisfied with the PnL enough to think that trading the cash open may be counterproductive but as you know, the capital portfolio is molded around the strategy of trading balance and a big part of that balance is trading the equity indices every day. I hate it but that’s just how the risk profile is. That being said, there was really nothing outside of one trade that netted me anything substantial in the cash open. After stumbling on the next handful of trades after the winner, I knew it was time to wrap things up.

Speaking of wrapping things up, I’m getting tired of blogging. I’m sure you could see it being that my entries are getting later in the day and I’m starting to use more videos and pictures instead of my literary Hemmingway eloquence. I’ve imagined getting to this point for months but I would like to give this page the credit it deserves for being a great outlet for my trading – even if the purpose of the writing is to close the page down. My thoughts might change tomorrow or they may get stronger, who knows. I’m just glad and thankful to God I didn’t shit the bed today and that I’ve got another day of trading to look forward to.


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