The New York Stock Exchange traded well this morning. There were ample opportunities to make money if you were both conservative in your sizing or aggressive. I don’t know what happened after 11 because I signed off for the day but I was satisfied with what I got even though it wasn’t an ideal haul.

The day started off with British Pound and while I stumbled on my first couple of trades, I was already a little in the green when I hit into my best trades there. The cash open was a little bit different because even though I could have made money aggressively sizing – something just held me back from taking on the contracts that I would have liked to have taken on. In the end, it resulted in a PnL that was ok in terms of wins and losses but kind of average when you take in ticks and returns.

I am tired as hell today. I logged off at 11am, microwaved some ready made food and napped for an hour an a half before playing Halo: Reach, my favorite zone out game, if you know what I mean.

I’m glad things were quiet today. I may not be “happy” in life – but I sure am grateful.

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