The New York Stock Exchange started off slow but started gaining some momentum. Didn’t make much of a difference though, I just couldn’t do anything right. No news of any sort but even if there was, that stuff doesn’t make a difference. I’m just here to trade prices and shit.

Anyway, my trades in the British Pound didn’t work out this morning. I just completely crapped the bed. I had maybe 2 good trades out of the 6 I attempted and I just bungled the rest. It was the same more or less on the cash open. only a third of my trades went for anything positive.

I don’t like starting the week like this but sometimes, it’s just gotta happen. The only thing that worked out was that I wasn’t sized up. In relative terms, that’s ok but I’m not one for relative or hollow victories. My trading performance sucked ass today.

I’m still thankful for my life though.


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