profile 6The New York Stock Exchange started off slow today. Whatever good I did was quickly nullified by subsequent trades on both the cash open and the asset PnL.

I traded Feeder Cattle again hoping that I’d get some momentum back but I lost what I made on my best trade and then some on subsequent attempts. There were no words to describe it. When the cash markets opened, I knew right away that I couldn’t size up the way I wanted and instead was killed by a thousand knife cuts as trade after trade just tore away at my capital. In the end, I was forced to sign off and just kind of chill out.

Because I’ve had 4 days where I don’t generate revenue, I am going to take Monday off. However, because I am still trading on Friday, I will severely cut my contracts exposure to the base number of units my portfolio allows. This will take any negative emotions out of what could be another break-even or negative day tomorrow. I just have to face the fact that I am not performing well for the week.

I am thankful for life though. I just hate this business.

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