The New York Stock Exchange traded kinda slow this morning. Not like it would matter as I am sized down significantly following this crummy week I’ve had. No matter. I’ve taken the day off on Monday so I can refocus my energies.

You would think that I’d be ok trading on a very reduced capital exposure side but even then, I stumbled in the cash markets and my asset trades on Orange Juice weren’t good enough to lift me significantly into the green. I would have probably had better luck betting on horses.

There were plenty of other things this week that made life difficult but I’m just glad to be done with work for now. It’s not the way I wanted to end September but hopefully, October will be a better month. The wife took me out for dinner tonight as I cannot drive for the moment (another thing that made this week rough). It was very sweet of her and she says that I don’t have to do any housework this weekend and that I should just watch football. Nice!

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