77bdd6e367dfe91371285de6869c907bThe New York Stock Exchange traded semi-quick in the morning but I think that all the velocity has disappeared. Not sure, but it just felt like we weren’t going to carry in any extra energy going into the afternoon.

Anyway, I traded Wheat this morning and was sort of productive. I didn’t see a compelling reason to size up as the market was a little slow for my tastes. Still, I made some money there and that is good. The cash open was different. I just didn’t feel like I had the room to operate in the size that I wanted. It worked out well because I probably would have lost money had I sized up. Because I kept my size small enough to be nimble, I got out more or less breaking even. Can’t ask for much given last week.

I was actually going to post yesterday, even on my day off but I decided that I didn’t want to do anything market related. I let myself sleep in for the morning which helped because the wife wasn’t working that day. Instead of my customary 0530 wake up time, we got to stretch it out to about 0900. We then went out for breakfast before getting some errands done early to have the day to ourselves. I had a lot of time to think during the day as I let her be the driver. I would have liked to have come to some cathartic message but I just mostly thought about how much I hate this job and how I wish I win the lottery. Nothing new there.

Still, I’m thankful for my life and I maintain that being a decent and professional person is the way to go.


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