The New York Stock Exchange traded well today. There were good moves and with it, ample opportunities to play both sides of momentum. Given my risk profile for today – albeit conservative – I suppose I could label my trading productive if not cautiously optimistic.

Anyway, this morning I dropped the wife off to work because the SUV needed some work done on it. I had already traded Feeder Cattle in the morning and there wasn’t anything there so I was all set to trade the cash open with an overall PnL that was negative only by commission. When Wall Street opened, I was ready to bag some decent sized trades. I feel like I left some money on the table but that was only because I wasn’t sized up to maximum capital exposure. It’s fine. I felt like today was going to be one of those weird and slow Thursdays. After trading, I went to the dealership where I waited for a short time for the repair.

It was a pleasant day today – nothing more nothing less. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring in some money and I can end the week on a positive note. The wife and I are off to the bar with friends tonight to watch Pats vs. Colts. All her friends are Pats fans. I love her because she is not hahaha.


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