profile 6But it’s a Friday.

The New York Stock Exchange traded with some good speed out of the gates. We are certainly getting a bump in velocity now that October is starting to get revved up. Unfortunately, for both my asset and cash open trades I am still not seeing a risk profile that can justify me getting into the market with bigger size than the one I’m using now. The capital risk is just not workable for me.

Anyway, I traded Cocoa this morning and while I knocked out some winners, they weren’t for the size that I wanted and thus, it wasn’t as good of a PnL as I desired. It was the same for the cash open. I was about to shut things down because I was trading like shit at first but then I hit 3 good trades in succession and that staved off breaking even.

What am I gonna do for the rest of the day? I’ll probably just chill. We are finally getting a chilly wind up here and I’d like to just sit outside and enjoy it before it gets too chilly. Then I’ll just let myself flow into the weekend.

I hate this job but I’m thankful for my life.


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