The New York Stock Exchange traded well this morning. I needed that. I didn’t size up the way I wanted to on my winning trades but I hit enough of them so that the overall PnL for the cash open was as savory as a Chipotle burrito when the person doing your order is your grandmother and she plops on the meat and toppings.

Wheat on the other hand, while positive overall, wasn’t as much of a hot hand for me. I stumbled in the beginning but because those trades were for smaller size, the two or three that I did hit on size helped out tremendously.

I’m bored. I’m thankful, but I’m bored. I realize that I procrastinate too much. I keep hoping that if I admit to myself how much of a professional loser I am, I’ll have some cathartic moment that will guide me to what I need to be doing with my life. But as I grow older, I’m starting to believe that life is whatever meaning you assign to it – otherwise, it’s a formless pile of nothingness that’s easy to dismiss as crap.


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