The New York Stock Exchange opened up in a pretty decent way this morning.

I got a chance to trade the bell at the Starbucks near the New York Stock Exchange as my buddy has a condo there that he keeps. He was nice enough to let my wife and I stay there until we head back up north Saturday morning. It was nice being in the thick of the action on Wall Street. With my latte in hand, I fulfilled the destiny of online day-trading joining the ranks of Manhattan laptop warriors doing important things and looking important while doing it haha.

I didn’t size up a whole lot simply because it’s been so long since I’ve traded the open at a Manhattan Starbucks and I could be risking latency issues if I get too big. I just traded as big as my comfort level would let me go and called it a day. I didn’t trade any assets because this session will effectively end my week.

I’m outside of the city with some family friends as I’m typing this so I’ll be brief. Life is too short to waste it on something that keeps disappointing you and believe me, if I could figure out something to do that can pay me as much as this business does, you can bet your bottom dollar I will drop this career like a bag of cat feces.


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