prof3The New York Stock Exchange had a slow opening out of the gates but it all worked out, I guess. Too bad I was no longer there to trade it. I have a rule when I trade and that is, I don’t trade the morning for very long because I know that the longer I’m in the arena mashing through commissions, the more I’m going to spend and the more the possibility is that I will end up losing money. So I will get in and try to make some cash as quickly as I can. Sometimes, my day will last for 40 minutes sometimes, I’ll go into 11:30AM. The fact is, I don’t like exposing my capital out to the elements of randomness.

I traded Feeder Cattle today and while I came out on the positive end of things, it wasn’t all by much. I think I may have done 3 trades where two were just breaking even and the one didn’t really lift off at all. The cash open was the same; I was trying to establish positions but my perches kept giving out from under me for most of the time. I had to be fast and most importantly, I had to be nimble which affected my size and that’s why I didn’t come away with the kind of money that I wanted. Still, I’m thankful that I didn’t lose anything.

I am shopping for new clothes this week as I think it’s time I upgrade my wardrobe. My taste in clothing is generally simple but when I need to dress up I get the best of the best. I’m talkin Wrangler flannel shirts/Levi’s jeans in the day and Canali suits/Hermes ties at night son – that’s the only way to do it. But I don’t have many nights where I have to dress like that so when I do buy stuff for night affairs, I can spend money on the really good stuff. Everything else is just a trip to the good ol’ Walmart or Target. I like living below my means – it helps with everything; especially when you’re in a dumb career like trading where nothing is said in stone and your life literally hangs on the balance.

I hate this fucking job. I wanna stab it in the eye and rip out its intestines.


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