profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty slowly despite what happened yesterday. I figure there would be some type of continuation but instead there was just just a coagulation of prices. I can sense that everyone is just watching and waiting, putting out orders here and there to see how fast they get eaten up to make a determination of order flow. I don’t really care – all I care about is whether or not the market is moving because that is the only way you can make money in this dumb career. I wish that much of today’s gains would have made their way into the morning or mid-morning but alas, that’s how the game goes: if you’re not there, then you miss it.

I traded Cocoa and things were ok. I think I followed an upward trajectory after my first two trades, nickel and diming my way up until I was productively positive. It was the cash open, though, that ended up hurting me. I ended up sizing on my shitty trades and not sizing on my good trades – the ultimate equation for failure. And because there were moves in the market, I just wasn’t positioned correctly to exploit them.

All in all, I logged out of my desk negative on the day. I hate it but these are the things you’ve got to learn to accept. Even when the market has a positive day, you can still be down going long. It’s just the nature of the game.

I ran a couple of errands and when I got home I played a little Halo before falling into a deep sleep which is why I’m typing up this post so late. I might just cook dinner for me and the wife when she gets home. I’m trying to think of what ingredients are in the pantry but I suppose I’ll have to cut this post off here and take my ass to the kitchen.


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