profile5The New York Stock Exchange had a slow open this morning. I didn’t have much by way of movement to make any decent trades. I was driving around yesterday and I saw all the flags at half mast. I was wondering to myself if Justice Sandra Day O’ Connor had passed away because she was in the news regarding her dementia. But then I remembered the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and assumed that was it. What a heinous crime to have happened. I know the guy’s motive and all but c’mon man…a synagogue? This is getting ridiculous.

I traded the British Pound this morning and I came out with a relatively productive amount of money for not sizing up. I didn’t want to size up because I was thinking there would be some news coming out about us and it could move the currencies in a way that doesn’t produce anything long or short. In hindsight, maybe I should have sized up but that’s what most of this dumb business is – looking in hindsight.

The New York Stock Exchange opened up and I just couldn’t really get a fire started. For every decent sized trade I made, it was eroded severely by me going full size in sort of shitty or losing trades. In the end, I needed to save the PnL so I just called it a day.

I can’t believe the Red Sox won it all this year. I mean, I can believe it – it’s just that I hate it. You can tell I’m a Yankees fan, can’t you hahaha. Anyway, I was hoping that even though the Yankees were a wild-card, they would take Boston to six or seven in the ALCS. The failure of this underscores the need for quality pitching from the Yankees. I know that the front office doesn’t want to spend big money but they’ve got to go out and somehow get Zack Grienke from Arizona. That would be the centerpiece that would attract some good free agent pitching from the league. Anyway, now that baseball season is over, I can now give the last 3% of my sports concentration to football. Not that I need to anyway because my team is a hot steaming pile of camel shit.


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