profilepic1The New York Stock Exchange was a little slow despite the move upwards. I just didn’t get all that much movement out of my trades and the result was just a big bowl of something that I don’t think qualifies as crap but doesn’t qualify for something decent either.

My asset trades were the only thing that saved me. I traded Wheat this morning for a nominal gain in the PnL. I wish I had stopped there seeing as this session became a repeat of last’s but that’s just how this dumb business is. You think things are gonna happen one way and it totally happens in a different way. Dumb…so fucking dumb. When I think about how the cash open was, I get infuriated. It was stupidly slow so in an effort to make up for that slowness, I sized up thinking that the less ticks but the more size I had would help me out. Of course, it didn’t and it actually ended up putting me in a rougher spot.

Am I disappointed? Yes. Did I expect this kind of BS for today? Pretty much.

So, I’m not really all that mad. It’s just that I want money. Everything in life is about money for me. I wish I had just gone off and become a hermit.

I hate this business.


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