prof8The New York Stock Exchange traded quickly despite the spectre of the FOMC and the “blue wave” being nothing more than a blue droplet. The Democrats disappoint me. With all of their hype and ramble, they didn’t put up much of a fight when it came to the Senate and the governorship. Everyone knew that they were gonna take the House but it wasn’t even like it was a lock for them as they would have wanted to make you think.

In the end, they were all pomp and bluster – like the bullying self-righteous mobs they employ to whip up a social media frenzy.

Ok, I’ve written too much now. I’m honestly too tired to post. I didn’t do well on the asset trades with Cocoa and made only enough to wash that negative PnL out in the cash open. I was sized halfway to my max point on both sets of PnLs.

God, please….give me like 200 million dollars and I’ll live out the rest of my days in a simple humble manner: back in the bayous of Baton Rogue eating crawfish, boudin and alligator meat….

….in my Ferrari F12. front of my 20 acre farm..

..with my 3500 diesel parked out front..

..wearing only gold linen boxer shorts, an original Stetson cattleman hat and a snakeskin t-shirt…

…blogging from my shiny new iPad pro..

…waiting for my personal shopper to drop off bags from Hermes, Cartier & Brioni.

…that’s all I want….

I’m a simple man.



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