The New York Stock Exchange has been trading nice lately. 

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday and a chance to post earlier today because we’ve got some family friends that flew in. We are in the midst of a snowstorm so while it’s nice to get a storm like this in November, I hope it portends a snowy December for Christmas. I love it when it snows and nothing ticks me off more than a warm or rainy Christmas. 

Anyway, things have been going swimmingly in trading the past two days because of the unprecedented sense of everyone losing their shit. I know we’ve been see-sawing but as long as the market is moving, that is all that I need. Great trades on the Dow and British Pound, all maximum size for the past two days have produced orgasm inducing PnL numbers and I couldn’t be happier. 

We are now staring Thanksgiving right in the face and after that, I can start to wrap things up for fiscal year 2018. Actually, I should say fiscally metaphysical year as my fiscal year starts in February – but whatever, you get the point. 

I thought it was Friday today but it turns out it’s only Thursday. I was thinking of taking the day off tomorrow but that would just be shit lazy on my part. I need to be out there in the salt mines. I run on the noxious toxic fumes of this dumb daytrading career that I chose. No, I’m being sarcastic. But I am very thankful for my blessings. 


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