The New York Stock Exchange traded like crap out of the gate. I took two trades and was like: 

I traded assets today but my size was relatively miniscule given that I’ve already enjoyed two days of PnL gains. I don’t like to go nuts when I’m on a particularly good roll. Sure, I’ll trade but I really limit my exposure because a statistically good series is a gradual decay and if you’re running size when fortunes turn then you’re going to have a very bad day. It’s honestly a feeling for me, I’ll go crazy maybe 3 or 4 days in a row but after that I really just check myself for the next 2 sessions. There is no good in making money and then giving it all back and then some. 

We got hit with a pretty nasty snowstorm here in the East Coast. It was so bad that my wife’s SUV was having trouble navigating the roads. Mind you, this is also one of those jazzed up SUV where the manufacturer touts its capabilities. At the end of the day, nothing beats a heavy duty truck on heavy duty tires. I got her and two of her officemates home in one piece, all while everyone else was on the side of the freeway. They got to see the power of my lifted super gigantic American war machine. Suckasssssss LOL. 


2 thoughts on “End Of The Week

  1. it so weird, it was bitter cold then but the last couple of days were relatively warm. we got a system coming in the next two days though. wondering if I’ve got some extra cash to buy a plow for the truck


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