The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly again out of the gates. I was going to trade it but then at the very last minute, I was like “no, don’t…you got lucky this morning”…

I woke up early to trade the British Pound. As I saw from yesterday, we had a pretty big move which portends a bit of a range holding pattern for the next day. So I knew that my risk wouldn’t be as big and decided to do max size. I don’t know how it happened but on moment I was sitting in front of my desk and then the next moment, I woke up to daylight peeking through the window. I was scared as fuck. Like, literally, scared as fuck because even though I had a stop on my trade, I don’t like to rely on that to tell me when I’m wrong. But when I looked at the PnL, I realized I didn’t need it. Sized up, with a semi-decent move, I was in the money and in the money nicely. I liquidated what I had and took a nice deep breathe all while thanking God for the stroke of fortune.

At 9:29AM, I figured that since I got lucky with the sterling, I may be unlucky trading the cash open and with that, I wrapped up the books for today. 

I’d rather be lucky than good. Honestly. I don’t believe in hard work. I believe in being at the right place at the right time.

I also believe that a day like this calls for taking the wife to dinner later and some 70’s bossa nova, bebehhhh

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