The New York Stock Exchange was slow this morning. I didn’t really trade all that much because of

a.) how lucky I got yesterday


b.) i’m closing the November books

I only traded a little above my minimum capital exposure on both the cash open and my assets. I did Wheat this morning. 

It was a mixed bag as I came out ahead but only by making back what I lost on Wheat in the cash open. 

I was driving home from grocery shopping just now when I spotted a black bear along the side of the road. It’s kind of weird to see them this late in the season but I saw that he/she looked fattened up and was probably about ready to hibernate. So I did what any sane person with common-sense would do: I rolled down my truck window and said: “what up homey G?” and flashed the peace sign. The bear didn’t even look in my direction as the surrounding foliage slowly embraced it out of my sight. The rustling of the branches were soon replaced by the rustling of the tree leaves from a gust of wind, almost as if scripted.   

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