Onto 2019

The New York Stock Exchange traded…ehhhhh…kinda ok. It’s to be expected anyway given news and where we are in the year.

I traded Cocoa as well as the cash open. I wasn’t sized up on both but I wasn’t on the small side either. The result was about as decent of a PnL as I could have had not playing too conservatively but definitely riding the engine brake.

This year was pretty good going into the end. Lots of things to be thankful for but I still hate this job. I’m still exhausted from the flu I had last week and so I will have to put off the remainder of my Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve itself. It’s a beautiful holiday and I am actually really thankful I can celebrate it with my new wife and family and friends. I was gonna try to write something profound to leave y’all with but the only thing I can say is that I hope 2019 gives you guys money. This is a hard endeavor and that’s why it’s important to value your mental/physical health. Don’t overwork and put trading in its proper perspective: it’s gambling and it ain’t your friend. Make sure you look out for the people that look out for you.

I’m so glad I won’t have to look at a depth of market window for the next two and a half weeks. I’ll savor that time.

See you guys in 2019. Now is the time to celebrate the occasion of our savior’s birth – definitely a special thing, unlike this dumb job.

Gotta Finish Strong

The New York Stock Exchange got a nice bump up this morning. I guess people just want to end things strongly before Christmas. I know because I am one of them. I knew I would have a very small window as these jumps are usually short in nature and are a result of emotions rather than anything of economic substance. I’d probably have 2 or 3 trades at maximum.

As with most things in life, theory ever equates to applicability and while the window to trade was indeed short, it was shorter than expected. It didn’t matter though because I loaded up on size and took the first trade that I could – and that was that. After booking that trade, there was really no other opportunities. Yes, I could have dialed down my size but that’s just a waste of commission dollars. So in the end, I went 1 for 1 in the cash open. My foray into the British Pound was even less eventful than that as I broke even on a series of trades. In the end, it was the cash open that saved me and that’s how things will be written in today’s book.

I still feel like shit but I’m glad I was conscious enough to actually trade. We got some snow and even though I wasn’t able to completely clean my driveway, I’d like to at least clear more space out to prevent any ice from forming now that I’m well enough to do so. Well, onto the rest of the day.

The Home Stretch

The New York Stock Exchange traded fairly strong out of the open. I knew we’d have a good day volatility wise but unfortunately, none of that volatility translated into PnL gains. We are obviously at a challenging time of the markets and just because the markets are moving, there should be plenty of opportunities for money. Instead, I have found that my performance does not correlate in the markets the way that I would have wanted to. In the past couple of months alone, there were more than 3 sessions wherein the market had strong moves but I failed to produce outsized daily gains for the PnL. That worries me. Hopefully things will change. 

Along with my crappy performance in the cash open, I also got smoked trading Wheat in the morning. I suppose it is simply one of those days but I would like to change the tone of the month even if I only have a few more days to do it. Realistically, I only have until this Wednesday so I will keep trading before I hang it up for the year and go on vacation with the wife. 

I don’t ever want to be as sick as I was last week. That really took a toll on me. The worst part was that I skipped over some of the antibiotics so I may just ask the doctor if I should do a remedial antibiotics session. The cool thing though about last week was that I streamed a shitload of cool TV shows and movies. I forgot how cool it was to discover new entertainment. I’d like to watch more stuff outside of football but unfortunately, that’s how I’ve been used to watching TV in the past decade and a half. I think I’ll try and change that this new year. 

Holy Crap

I realize that I haven’t blogged in a couple of days. 

It’s been a rough fight for me as this flu really kicked my butt. I traded lightly but I was very careful as I was sleepy from the meds I was taking. In the end, I couldn’t do much and that included blogging. 

I have no idea what’s going on in the markets but my wife tells me snippets here and there. She’s took Thursday and Friday off to take care of me. I felt like a king lol.

I will resume my regular programming next week. I’m starting to feel better but I’m still tired. 

Sick Days

I got really really sick this last weekend and even though I traded on Monday, I just couldn’t bring myself to trade yesterday and today. Normally, I would only take a day and that’s if it was really bad. But with the Christmas holiday drawing near, I can afford to take days off. 

I’ve just been binge watching TV shows on Netflix and Amazon. Some cool stuff, some boring but all in all, it’s nice to get time off. I am not sure if I can even trade tomorrow. I am having a hard time shaking off this fever. 

As always, I hate this job. 

But as always as well, I am grateful for what I have. 

Just Trying To Do Right

The New York Stock Exchange was terrible this morning – outright slop and crap. I was sized up and there was just no way of trading. It was like trying to kickbox in a bathroom stall. 

What made the cash open worse was that I decided not to trade any assets because I didn’t feel comfortable with anything. So basically, I have only commission expenses to show for today with a red number as the bottom line. 

Maybe tomorrow will be better. For now, I’m grateful for my life. There is still the rest of the day and I have to focus on being a professional outside of work. 

What A Waste

The New York Stock Exchange is in a freefall. If you are trading on Monday, I would really watch out because the selling in Asia and Europe is going to escalate going into the weekend which will put a huge weight on the US markets – I mean, I can see that happening. LMAO! I wouldn’t take my advice seriously. Anything can happen but do watch for that scenario. 

Anyway, I shouldn’t have traded an asset today because it destroyed what would have been a really good day for me. I went in on Feeder Cattle and got my ass handed to me. I thought I was ok after my first two trades lost but when I went in for my last one, it was like I just completely shit my pants. It was ugly. When I went in to the cash open, (I was medium size on Cattle), I went full size and had a great set of trades. However, those trades had to pay for Feeder Cattle and because of it, the day ended up being a disappointment. 

I don’t care. I’m thankful to God that I got the PnL to positive but it just wasn’t a productive Friday. I just want to groan all day on the couch like I’m dying and lament this opportunity to make money. 

Just get me to the weekend already, f*ck this job.