The New York Stock Exchange traded quickly today. There were, in my estimation, a decent amount of points to make money. But that is by my estimation only. 

I traded Feeder Cattle this morning and decided not to size up. It was a good decision as I got pushed around trying to figure out if we were net selling or buying. I lost a little bit; that’s just how it goes. I wish I would have sized up for the cash open but because I played smaller, my wins didn’t put me into the positive for the day but it did pretty much erase my horrendous performance in Cattle. 

I have gone to the malls Christmas shopping. It is not an occasion for me any longer as much as it is a timepost. But when I see little kids and their excitement for the holiday, it make me think of how my wife has spoken of kids more and more. I think it’s time that we start planning this next chapter. My life, as I know it, cannot go on at this pace. I feel an obligation to the world to pass my amazing DNA on. I say this in half-jest. 


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