The New York Stock Exchange is in a freefall. If you are trading on Monday, I would really watch out because the selling in Asia and Europe is going to escalate going into the weekend which will put a huge weight on the US markets – I mean, I can see that happening. LMAO! I wouldn’t take my advice seriously. Anything can happen but do watch for that scenario. 

Anyway, I shouldn’t have traded an asset today because it destroyed what would have been a really good day for me. I went in on Feeder Cattle and got my ass handed to me. I thought I was ok after my first two trades lost but when I went in for my last one, it was like I just completely shit my pants. It was ugly. When I went in to the cash open, (I was medium size on Cattle), I went full size and had a great set of trades. However, those trades had to pay for Feeder Cattle and because of it, the day ended up being a disappointment. 

I don’t care. I’m thankful to God that I got the PnL to positive but it just wasn’t a productive Friday. I just want to groan all day on the couch like I’m dying and lament this opportunity to make money. 

Just get me to the weekend already, f*ck this job. 

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