The New York Stock Exchange traded fairly strong out of the open. I knew we’d have a good day volatility wise but unfortunately, none of that volatility translated into PnL gains. We are obviously at a challenging time of the markets and just because the markets are moving, there should be plenty of opportunities for money. Instead, I have found that my performance does not correlate in the markets the way that I would have wanted to. In the past couple of months alone, there were more than 3 sessions wherein the market had strong moves but I failed to produce outsized daily gains for the PnL. That worries me. Hopefully things will change. 

Along with my crappy performance in the cash open, I also got smoked trading Wheat in the morning. I suppose it is simply one of those days but I would like to change the tone of the month even if I only have a few more days to do it. Realistically, I only have until this Wednesday so I will keep trading before I hang it up for the year and go on vacation with the wife. 

I don’t ever want to be as sick as I was last week. That really took a toll on me. The worst part was that I skipped over some of the antibiotics so I may just ask the doctor if I should do a remedial antibiotics session. The cool thing though about last week was that I streamed a shitload of cool TV shows and movies. I forgot how cool it was to discover new entertainment. I’d like to watch more stuff outside of football but unfortunately, that’s how I’ve been used to watching TV in the past decade and a half. I think I’ll try and change that this new year. 

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