The New York Stock Exchange traded very well out of the gate. There was money to be made and it was pretty groovy – yes, I said “groovy” because I don’t want it to seem like I made George Soros money. Instead, I want to communicate that I am not a trading guru – just a guy that is fortunate.

I traded the British Pound this morning and on size, it was great. I traded the cash open this morning on size and it was beautiful. 

This is what I need. I need every day to be like this so that I can lay down in my couch after closing the daily books and doze off to a sweet sweet sleep with a dozen chewy chocolate chip cookies laying on my chest – some partially eaten. And then, either Call of Duty or Madden 19 is on my TV screen while my game controller sits idly next to me on the couch at an angle that suggests if I roll over, it – and the chocolate chip cookies on my chest – will fall into a messy configuration on the floor. 

Of course, I can do this without money but 

a.) this would be mortifyingly pathetic 


b.) there is no way in all of Hell i’d be married let alone have a house and car

What’s that? Yes, you’re right, enough blogging…I believe more bossa nova is in order