A Sweet Spring Day In January

The New York Stock Exchange traded very well again today – a good way to end the week.

I don’t know what’s happening here but because I was sized up again, what I am experiencing is nothing short of PnL nirvana. There was nothing getting in my way as I was all size throughout the cash open. It was the perfect combination of being able to get in and get out at the right places with the right amount of liquidity.

But the big story was the British Pound. This contract has been treating me so well lately and today was no exception. After a holding pattern yesterday, I knew I was in for a low risk trade in the morning. Sized up, with proper stops, I went for it and I’m just….well…I’m just feeling all mushy inside.

As I look outside into my backyard on this snowy January Friday, all I see is green grass and the flowers of spring, tulips blooming and birds singing. While profit is profit, I can’t help but remember how these types of days as a young man would send me soaring to the skies. It was back then when trading held the promise of having the entire world in my hands and unlimited shopping sprees at Madison or 5th Ave. Ah, those were the days. Before I realized what kind of a worthless shitty business this was.

Still, I’m setting aside a lavishly spendable amount of this week’s superb results for me and the wife – Id love to take her out to a nice dinner tonight.

Oh, and one more thing…I’m taking the day off Monday because I’m not going to risk trading even a contract after this week’s results. Why? Because:

a.) I know how luck & fortune can reverse in the blink of an eye



It’s time.

It’s time for the traditional celebration to commemorate good days like this.

It’s time to speed off into errands in the lifted diesel listening to – you know it! ….. Japanese Pop Music!

by the way, did I mention that I hate this career?


Thank The Lord Jesus

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty decently today. I don’t know what the news was or if there was any but it really greased up the markets.

Today called for maximum size again as the preliminary signals were showing it would be a relatively slow mover of the day. To my surprise, Wheat was a mover for the assets. Additionally, with size from that and the cash open, I booked today at a very very productive number.

I am thankful. You have no idea how difficult it is to come into days like this, much less consecutive ones. I went out all day afterwards and just did house errands but in a happy sort of way. It’s amazing what making money does to a person’s psyched.

I’m just so thankful to God that I had a good day.


The New York Stock Exchange opened up relatively strong compared to the beginning of the week so I’ll take that. I was having a hard time getting a foothold on the week’s action so to see the market trade like this today was a breath of fresh air – I really needed it.

The big story for me though was the British Pound, even though it didn’t take a direction there was a big range to be exploited today and I just happened to have maximum size to do it. When you’ve got a big move and you’re hitting it with big size, that is a formula for a grand slam. And with the added bonus of a healthy PnL in the cash open, I am taking home some good money after today’s trading.


But you know what?

I still hate this fucking job and it can kiss my ass.

Slowly But Surely

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty slow today. We got one or two pops but that was really it. It felt like I was trading Cattle instead of the cash open.

This was not good at all because I managed to escape with a small loss on overall trading Cattle this morning. I was really hoping for the cash open to mitigate the damage done but it was just not to be. After suffering a series of losses there, I realized that I needed to just call it a day.

This week sucks so far. I just don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t feel like I have any motivation – at all.


The New York Stock Exchange traded briskly for a while but then lost most of its energy as the morning hours waned into the afternoon. Of course, you know that I don’t trade past 11am most days. Why? Because I don’t give a f*ck about the market after open.

I got caught up in all types of errands today that’s why I totally forgot to post. But it’s not like it mattered anyway as today was just sort of a non-event. I didn’t make enough money to be productive because I didn’t like the way the markets were moving. This goes for both the cash open and my asset trades (British Pound).

Well, off to the next day.

Stranger Things

The New York Stock Exchange traded like molasses today. There was just nothing to size up on and every time I did try to size up, I got scared out of my contract load. You just can’t take chances in slow markets. I know people love to wait out those trades but I am not the type of person to sit in the kill box for too long.

So, as you could tell my cash open trades ended up netting me a losing day after commissions and such but my asset trades went well as Cocoa produced enough PnL lift to salvage the day for me. Of course, I had to size up on Cocoa for this to happen and while I’m thankful for the positive day, I don’t want to make it a habit that I size up on tap. There has to be a good reason outside of just your gut telling you that you have to size up. In a slow market, cash or asset, sizing up can literally mean the difference between a small positive day and a mid to big negative one. I’ll take the small positive day even if it means I scale down on my sense of capital adventurism.

I forgot it was Friday today. I am still somewhat in the haze of the holidays. I’m glad though. I would like to go and get Madden 19 tomorrow morning for my Xbox as the wife will be out with her friends on some spa thing lol. Xbox is my spa.

And trading is my Hell.

I Hate Forgetting To Post

The New York Stock Exchange traded slow for me on both Wednesday and today. The only difference in my trading was that I sized down today compared to a pretty big capital exposure yesterday.

In total, the two days have washed each other out. I did well in asset trading yesterday but crapped out in the cash open. Today, I didn’t do so well in the cash open but because of my smaller size, couldn’t get positive even with Orange Juice trades.

I got a little distracted yesterday because of some house related errands that had to be done. What was supposed to be one trip to Home Depot ended up becoming 3 trips and then a trip to another Home Depot further away from me. One cool thing though is that if you need different types and thicknesses of wood to be cut, Home Depot is the place to be. Don’t waste your time trying to go to a small shop.

I’m tired. Thankful, but tired.