Not My Best Day

The New York Stock Exchange was quiet today. It was too quiet for any real trading to get done. This was bad because I didn’t perform admirably in my asset trades.

I traded Cocoa this morning and did not make out particularly well considering the moves I could have caught. It was a positive PnL but the effort it took to juice it out was too much for me. Then, with the cash open the way it was, I diluted my profits even more despite not being on size.

All in all it was a very non-eventful day. I signed off on the market once I saw how badly it was trading and binge-watched movies and ate snacks all day. The wife was with her best friend for the afternoon so I got the house all to myself. I’m glad I didn’t lose money but sometimes, I just wish I could make money everyday. Times like this make me nervous.


The New York Stock Exchange came out pretty fast this morning. It would have been great if I could have made money but today was just not my day.

I didn’t trade any assets today outside of the cash open because there were no indicators for me to do so. The cash open though was just one of those things where nothing worked from the get-go.

My trading does not mirror the market. Yes it’s great when the Dow moves up 300 points but it’s how those 300 points are made that determine my performance for the day. If it’s a slow 300 then chances are I probably lost money. If it’s a fast or really volatile one, then I had a good day. Today was one of those types of days where it was in between and I ended up with a negative PnL.

I am thankful that I still have a life and that I can go on with my day but when I lose money, it really stings.

PnL Neutral

The new York Stock Exchange opened slower than yesterday. It wasn’t exactly all slow but I just couldn’t get my bearings on the market with me being used to fast opens and what not.

I traded the British Pound today and while I was sized up for the contract, I essentially killed off my own PnL gains as subsequent smaller sized trades yielded negative returns. The cash open was the same way except when I tried to go bigger to capitalize on good trades, I ended up getting beaten down.

So that’s the day for me. It sucks but I’m still here and God still blessed me with a whole day to do whatever I will do with. I just gotta figure out a way to make it all worthwhile.

Slip & Slide

The New York Stock Exchange traded briskly this morning. There were alot of orders lined up before the bell and that made this morning’s business a good one for people like me. Again, I don’t give a Godzilla sized crap about where the market is going. I just need volatility and the ability to get in and out of trades at the size of my choosing.

This may seem all good and well in theory but in practice – as it was today – it was oftentimes me skirting the edge of disaster. While I did start off well enough, I sized up on two trades and ended up decimating my cash open PnL. But because there was so much going on I was able to make it back up in a handful of trades of lesser size. I am very fortunate. On most other days I would have had to shut the machine off.

As for assets, I tried trading Wheat this morning but I couldn’t get a handle of it so I just checked out of the contract with a small PnL gain and waited for the cash open.

Last night, for reasons unbeknownst to me or my wife, I decided to take the griller out of the garage and grill up some cheap steaks I bought at the grocery store. It was cool. Now, I want to do more outdoor grilling this winter. I had an easier time cleaning the grill than if I had done this in the summer. In fact, I despise grilling in the summer unless I am very close to one of those powerful cooling fans that they use in professional sports venues.

Made It To Friday

The New York Stock Exchange had a fairly decent trading open. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the early morning arrest of one of President Trump’s associates but I’ll take market action however way it presents itself to me.

I was not sized up today in the cash open because I just didn’t feel like the moves could give me a safe out in case I needed one in a hurry. Despite the good open, I just don’t want to put my capital in a position where speed, in and of itself, can be the issue. It sucks because you obviously don’t make as much money but you don’t get that sense of loss either, and you know how I feel about having a negative PnL on a Friday.

Same thing with my asset trades. I traded the British Pound this morning and while I was hoping for a sequel to last week’s action, it just wasn’t happening. Still, with reduced size, I made out ok despite nearly getting washed out on 2 trades. It’s a Friday, I’ve done more than enough to keep myself afloat. It’s time to relax and get some much needed sleep.

Rarely will I ever get political here but I feel like if you are a fan of freedom, you should be frightened about what Bob Meuller and his team are doing. This is a political hack machine that has eaten the fruit from the poisonous tree and are willing to disregard more serious felonies from one side of the political spectrum in order to wrangle up a narrative by arrests on the other side. It’s like, you know, a Godzilla film where it’s good and necessary monsters vs. bad and chaotic evil type of monsters. In this case, we are watching a fringe radical D.C. bureaucratic aristocracy defend itself from the Anglo Saxon Merchant Princes. There is definitely a worse party here and it is the fringe radical D.C. aristocracy simply because there are so many members of them that – as I’ve mentioned – eaten the fruit from the poisonous tree. Even if their intentions aren’t to burden US citizens with regulations, taxes and social unrest, their actions unwittingly contribute to it – not consciously but because they have to pay off their allegiance debts. I’m not saying to drain the swamp, I’m just saying that there’s a ton of junkfish in there that should be taken out before it affects what is a normally functioning ecosystem of other fish.

But back to Mueller. The fact that an opposition figure can be arrested in the early morning by an agency whose orders are from a questionable mandate in and of itself should remind us of what happened in Venezuela and of Maduro’s political opponents. Sure it’s a distant comparison but tangentiality means what it does for a reason: that reason is that it bears its relativity to a central causality in question.

But you know? I ain’t trynna get arrested or anything you know what I mean brah? Shiiiiit, I love America and I looooove the CIA and FBI and The President and you know…everybody! LOLOL!

Ayyyyy, don’t come after me, it’s just ya boiiiiiiiii writin’ funny stuff for the blog. Imma just miiind my own business and keep payyyyin my taxes. I love you all! No dissent from me! I know my place in life!! Have mercy on me! LOLOL!!!




Anti-Boredom Algorithms

The New York Stock Exchange traded like shit this morning. I’m not kidding. It was like wombat crap. Wombats poop in squares so the reason I’m comparing the cash open to wombat poop is because when you look at it you’re like…”WTF???” But then you’re grossed out. That’s exactly what my reaction was when the markets opened. There was absolutely nothing for me to do and nothing for me to try and make money off of.

Asset trading was more of the same as my attempts in Feeder Cattle ended up eroding themselves. If it wasn’t for two good trades on the contract, I’d probably have a losing day but because I was sized on one, the day doesn’t seem to be all that bad even with commissions factored in. I am thankful I didn’t lose money today. I am a very very lucky person.

Per the title of this post, I am looking for ways so that my brain doesn’t melt into a puddle of boredom and melancholy. I have determined that I will eat Mongolian food tonight come hell or high water. The drive is a good 25 minutes away from my house. Then the wife and I will rent the newest installment of Mission Impossible off of iTunes. But before then, I will go and work out at the local gym. Who knows, I may even swim some laps. Then I will go and goad my wife’s younger nephew into a game of Madden 19. He thinks he is a master of Madden at the tender age of 10 but I will have to show him the realities of adult life by unloading an option-based power running west-coast offense attack using a 49ers custom team that I have specifically tailored from the depths of gaming depravity.

Will I destroy his ego and potentially neuter his emotional development as a gamer?

Of course! That’s what will make the rest of the day fun!

Hump Day

The New York Stock Exchange traded too slow for me to be able to do much with the size I wanted to use. I probably did about 5 round trips before realizing today was just not going to be my day. It looked promising but like an mirage in the desert, it just disappeared.

I didn’t trade any other assets because I didn’t feel comfortable to do so. In the end, I was left with a big fat zero for the trading day. But it would have been bad had I gone in with size so I’m glad for that.

During our fun filled weekend, the wife and I were watching that sex education show on Netflix and we got to talking about our sexual fantasies. To our wonderment, our fantasies were pretty much identical: To win the lottery so we’d never have to work again and we can sleep as much as we want. LOL!


The New York Stock Exchange traded briskly this morning. It’s nice given I had a 3-day weekend. I wasn’t sure if I would trade today because I didn’t get any email schedule about MLK day from the CME regarding Monday. If so then Monday would have been a weekend regardless. I don’t remember whether or not I even trade on MLK because there are years when I do and when I don’t – to my memory. I sound like I’m on ecstasy right now but let me assure you, it’s only because I want to finish this post and take a nap.

I traded Wheat this morning and it caved my face in. Well, I’m just exaggerating but it felt that way. The only reason it wasn’t catastrophic was because I eased my way into today’s session without taking much size. I was probably less than half of my full capital exposure on all trades so while the losses did hurt, they didn’t really destroy my day. Again, it only caved my face in. I was hoping that my trading in the cash open would help me out but I was only able to get some amount of money back as the Wheat hole was just too big to have me focus on revenue. Today was more damage control if anything.

I am thankful.

Ok, now I’m done. I want to take a nap.

A Sweet Spring Day In January

The New York Stock Exchange traded very well again today – a good way to end the week.

I don’t know what’s happening here but because I was sized up again, what I am experiencing is nothing short of PnL nirvana. There was nothing getting in my way as I was all size throughout the cash open. It was the perfect combination of being able to get in and get out at the right places with the right amount of liquidity.

But the big story was the British Pound. This contract has been treating me so well lately and today was no exception. After a holding pattern yesterday, I knew I was in for a low risk trade in the morning. Sized up, with proper stops, I went for it and I’m just….well…I’m just feeling all mushy inside.

As I look outside into my backyard on this snowy January Friday, all I see is green grass and the flowers of spring, tulips blooming and birds singing. While profit is profit, I can’t help but remember how these types of days as a young man would send me soaring to the skies. It was back then when trading held the promise of having the entire world in my hands and unlimited shopping sprees at Madison or 5th Ave. Ah, those were the days. Before I realized what kind of a worthless shitty business this was.

Still, I’m setting aside a lavishly spendable amount of this week’s superb results for me and the wife – Id love to take her out to a nice dinner tonight.

Oh, and one more thing…I’m taking the day off Monday because I’m not going to risk trading even a contract after this week’s results. Why? Because:

a.) I know how luck & fortune can reverse in the blink of an eye



It’s time.

It’s time for the traditional celebration to commemorate good days like this.

It’s time to speed off into errands in the lifted diesel listening to – you know it! ….. Japanese Pop Music!

by the way, did I mention that I hate this career?

Thank The Lord Jesus

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty decently today. I don’t know what the news was or if there was any but it really greased up the markets.

Today called for maximum size again as the preliminary signals were showing it would be a relatively slow mover of the day. To my surprise, Wheat was a mover for the assets. Additionally, with size from that and the cash open, I booked today at a very very productive number.

I am thankful. You have no idea how difficult it is to come into days like this, much less consecutive ones. I went out all day afterwards and just did house errands but in a happy sort of way. It’s amazing what making money does to a person’s psyched.

I’m just so thankful to God that I had a good day.