The New York Stock Exchange traded a little slow out of the gate but there were opportunities if you were willing to wait. I am impatient and I could care less about waiting so I just loaded up on size to get what I could if I waited with less contracts.

I traded the British Pound but it was a mixed bag and not much by way of the PnL came out of it.

My break is over and the three weeks I’ve had of tearfully begging God, Shiva, or Zeus for

a.) a winning lottery ticket

b.) hot coffee spilling on me at a restaurant so I can sue for millions


c.) being racially discriminated upon at a business so I can sue for millions

has not come to pass.

I will, therefore, have to <GASP!> WORK HARD for whatever accomplishments will come my way. As you know, I HATE working hard. I don’t give a rat’s ass if 2019 will be good or bad to me. Just show me the money, baby.

Just show me the money.

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