The New York Stock Exchange traded slow for me on both Wednesday and today. The only difference in my trading was that I sized down today compared to a pretty big capital exposure yesterday.

In total, the two days have washed each other out. I did well in asset trading yesterday but crapped out in the cash open. Today, I didn’t do so well in the cash open but because of my smaller size, couldn’t get positive even with Orange Juice trades.

I got a little distracted yesterday because of some house related errands that had to be done. What was supposed to be one trip to Home Depot ended up becoming 3 trips and then a trip to another Home Depot further away from me. One cool thing though is that if you need different types and thicknesses of wood to be cut, Home Depot is the place to be. Don’t waste your time trying to go to a small shop.

I’m tired. Thankful, but tired.

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