The New York Stock Exchange traded like molasses today. There was just nothing to size up on and every time I did try to size up, I got scared out of my contract load. You just can’t take chances in slow markets. I know people love to wait out those trades but I am not the type of person to sit in the kill box for too long.

So, as you could tell my cash open trades ended up netting me a losing day after commissions and such but my asset trades went well as Cocoa produced enough PnL lift to salvage the day for me. Of course, I had to size up on Cocoa for this to happen and while I’m thankful for the positive day, I don’t want to make it a habit that I size up on tap. There has to be a good reason outside of just your gut telling you that you have to size up. In a slow market, cash or asset, sizing up can literally mean the difference between a small positive day and a mid to big negative one. I’ll take the small positive day even if it means I scale down on my sense of capital adventurism.

I forgot it was Friday today. I am still somewhat in the haze of the holidays. I’m glad though. I would like to go and get Madden 19 tomorrow morning for my Xbox as the wife will be out with her friends on some spa thing lol. Xbox is my spa.

And trading is my Hell.

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