The New York Stock Exchange traded very well again today – a good way to end the week.

I don’t know what’s happening here but because I was sized up again, what I am experiencing is nothing short of PnL nirvana. There was nothing getting in my way as I was all size throughout the cash open. It was the perfect combination of being able to get in and get out at the right places with the right amount of liquidity.

But the big story was the British Pound. This contract has been treating me so well lately and today was no exception. After a holding pattern yesterday, I knew I was in for a low risk trade in the morning. Sized up, with proper stops, I went for it and I’m just….well…I’m just feeling all mushy inside.

As I look outside into my backyard on this snowy January Friday, all I see is green grass and the flowers of spring, tulips blooming and birds singing. While profit is profit, I can’t help but remember how these types of days as a young man would send me soaring to the skies. It was back then when trading held the promise of having the entire world in my hands and unlimited shopping sprees at Madison or 5th Ave. Ah, those were the days. Before I realized what kind of a worthless shitty business this was.

Still, I’m setting aside a lavishly spendable amount of this week’s superb results for me and the wife – Id love to take her out to a nice dinner tonight.

Oh, and one more thing…I’m taking the day off Monday because I’m not going to risk trading even a contract after this week’s results. Why? Because:

a.) I know how luck & fortune can reverse in the blink of an eye



It’s time.

It’s time for the traditional celebration to commemorate good days like this.

It’s time to speed off into errands in the lifted diesel listening to – you know it! ….. Japanese Pop Music!

by the way, did I mention that I hate this career?


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