The New York Stock Exchange traded briskly this morning. It’s nice given I had a 3-day weekend. I wasn’t sure if I would trade today because I didn’t get any email schedule about MLK day from the CME regarding Monday. If so then Monday would have been a weekend regardless. I don’t remember whether or not I even trade on MLK because there are years when I do and when I don’t – to my memory. I sound like I’m on ecstasy right now but let me assure you, it’s only because I want to finish this post and take a nap.

I traded Wheat this morning and it caved my face in. Well, I’m just exaggerating but it felt that way. The only reason it wasn’t catastrophic was because I eased my way into today’s session without taking much size. I was probably less than half of my full capital exposure on all trades so while the losses did hurt, they didn’t really destroy my day. Again, it only caved my face in. I was hoping that my trading in the cash open would help me out but I was only able to get some amount of money back as the Wheat hole was just too big to have me focus on revenue. Today was more damage control if anything.

I am thankful.

Ok, now I’m done. I want to take a nap.


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