The New York Stock Exchange traded like shit this morning. I’m not kidding. It was like wombat crap. Wombats poop in squares so the reason I’m comparing the cash open to wombat poop is because when you look at it you’re like…”WTF???” But then you’re grossed out. That’s exactly what my reaction was when the markets opened. There was absolutely nothing for me to do and nothing for me to try and make money off of.

Asset trading was more of the same as my attempts in Feeder Cattle ended up eroding themselves. If it wasn’t for two good trades on the contract, I’d probably have a losing day but because I was sized on one, the day doesn’t seem to be all that bad even with commissions factored in. I am thankful I didn’t lose money today. I am a very very lucky person.

Per the title of this post, I am looking for ways so that my brain doesn’t melt into a puddle of boredom and melancholy. I have determined that I will eat Mongolian food tonight come hell or high water. The drive is a good 25 minutes away from my house. Then the wife and I will rent the newest installment of Mission Impossible off of iTunes. But before then, I will go and work out at the local gym. Who knows, I may even swim some laps. Then I will go and goad my wife’s younger nephew into a game of Madden 19. He thinks he is a master of Madden at the tender age of 10 but I will have to show him the realities of adult life by unloading an option-based power running west-coast offense attack using a 49ers custom team that I have specifically tailored from the depths of gaming depravity.

Will I destroy his ego and potentially neuter his emotional development as a gamer?

Of course! That’s what will make the rest of the day fun!

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