The New York Stock Exchange had a fairly decent trading open. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the early morning arrest of one of President Trump’s associates but I’ll take market action however way it presents itself to me.

I was not sized up today in the cash open because I just didn’t feel like the moves could give me a safe out in case I needed one in a hurry. Despite the good open, I just don’t want to put my capital in a position where speed, in and of itself, can be the issue. It sucks because you obviously don’t make as much money but you don’t get that sense of loss either, and you know how I feel about having a negative PnL on a Friday.

Same thing with my asset trades. I traded the British Pound this morning and while I was hoping for a sequel to last week’s action, it just wasn’t happening. Still, with reduced size, I made out ok despite nearly getting washed out on 2 trades. It’s a Friday, I’ve done more than enough to keep myself afloat. It’s time to relax and get some much needed sleep.

Rarely will I ever get political here but I feel like if you are a fan of freedom, you should be frightened about what Bob Meuller and his team are doing. This is a political hack machine that has eaten the fruit from the poisonous tree and are willing to disregard more serious felonies from one side of the political spectrum in order to wrangle up a narrative by arrests on the other side. It’s like, you know, a Godzilla film where it’s good and necessary monsters vs. bad and chaotic evil type of monsters. In this case, we are watching a fringe radical D.C. bureaucratic aristocracy defend itself from the Anglo Saxon Merchant Princes. There is definitely a worse party here and it is the fringe radical D.C. aristocracy simply because there are so many members of them that – as I’ve mentioned – eaten the fruit from the poisonous tree. Even if their intentions aren’t to burden US citizens with regulations, taxes and social unrest, their actions unwittingly contribute to it – not consciously but because they have to pay off their allegiance debts. I’m not saying to drain the swamp, I’m just saying that there’s a ton of junkfish in there that should be taken out before it affects what is a normally functioning ecosystem of other fish.

But back to Mueller. The fact that an opposition figure can be arrested in the early morning by an agency whose orders are from a questionable mandate in and of itself should remind us of what happened in Venezuela and of Maduro’s political opponents. Sure it’s a distant comparison but tangentiality means what it does for a reason: that reason is that it bears its relativity to a central causality in question.

But you know? I ain’t trynna get arrested or anything you know what I mean brah? Shiiiiit, I love America and I looooove the CIA and FBI and The President and you know…everybody! LOLOL!

Ayyyyy, don’t come after me, it’s just ya boiiiiiiiii writin’ funny stuff for the blog. Imma just miiind my own business and keep payyyyin my taxes. I love you all! No dissent from me! I know my place in life!! Have mercy on me! LOLOL!!!




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