The New York Stock Exchange traded briskly this morning. There were alot of orders lined up before the bell and that made this morning’s business a good one for people like me. Again, I don’t give a Godzilla sized crap about where the market is going. I just need volatility and the ability to get in and out of trades at the size of my choosing.

This may seem all good and well in theory but in practice – as it was today – it was oftentimes me skirting the edge of disaster. While I did start off well enough, I sized up on two trades and ended up decimating my cash open PnL. But because there was so much going on I was able to make it back up in a handful of trades of lesser size. I am very fortunate. On most other days I would have had to shut the machine off.

As for assets, I tried trading Wheat this morning but I couldn’t get a handle of it so I just checked out of the contract with a small PnL gain and waited for the cash open.

Last night, for reasons unbeknownst to me or my wife, I decided to take the griller out of the garage and grill up some cheap steaks I bought at the grocery store. It was cool. Now, I want to do more outdoor grilling this winter. I had an easier time cleaning the grill than if I had done this in the summer. In fact, I despise grilling in the summer unless I am very close to one of those powerful cooling fans that they use in professional sports venues.

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