The New York Stock Exchange came out pretty fast this morning. It would have been great if I could have made money but today was just not my day.

I didn’t trade any assets today outside of the cash open because there were no indicators for me to do so. The cash open though was just one of those things where nothing worked from the get-go.

My trading does not mirror the market. Yes it’s great when the Dow moves up 300 points but it’s how those 300 points are made that determine my performance for the day. If it’s a slow 300 then chances are I probably lost money. If it’s a fast or really volatile one, then I had a good day. Today was one of those types of days where it was in between and I ended up with a negative PnL.

I am thankful that I still have a life and that I can go on with my day but when I lose money, it really stings.

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