Getting There

The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly today. I didn’t really feel like having to deal with the bullshit so after a couple of round trips on medium size, I decided to just hang it up for the day.

It was the same with the other assets. There was no point in trading if I was only gonna give back my winnings on crappy trades.

Straying From Blogging

Ok, I don’t know what is going on. The only thing that I can tell you is that by the time the afternoon arrives, I am usually tired as all hell and the only thing I’m thinking about it getting dinner and making sure my wife is all taken care of.

Trading has surprisingly been ok for the last 3 days. Monday was the slowest of the three days where I pretty much canceled out my asset trades with my cash open performance. But pretty much all week after that has been about incremental PnL excellence on both asset and cash open trades. It’s not what I’d like, mind you but it is within the realm of what is ideal for what I need to sustain the household.

I am seriously starting to wonder if this will mark the sunset of my blogging here but I won’t get into it too much because all it takes to get myself back on track is just a small adjustment and who knows, maybe I’ll be back to my old scheduled self again. For now, this is where I am and all I can do is navigate these waters the best I can.

Done With The Week

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty slow this morning. I wasn’t feeling as adventurous as I normally do so I just tempered my capital exposure. It all worked out because there was only a small window of opportunity for me but it was like, towards the end of my time allotment.

I didn’t trade any assets today because I didn’t see anything that I felt I could put money into so the cash open encompassed my trading universe for this session. I can’t believe it’s Friday. I thought this week was never gonna end.

I Don’t Know WTF Is Wrong With Me

The New York Stock Exchange traded great today. Too bad I couldn’t make all that much money because for some reason, I just couldn’t read the market.

I keep forgetting to post. There’s just something about my schedule that’s screwing things up for me and posting just doesn’t appear on my radar until it’s like nighttime.

So today, I traded Wheat and I did fairly ok with it given my adventurous nature in terms of size. I probably exposed more of my capital than I should have but I got a good reward out of it. However, that reward was eroded when I traded the cash open and just completely got my ass kicked. I nearly had to bite my own hand to stop myself from trading my profits away. The day was already a good one but it turned into merely a productive one after 9:30.

Oh well. I hate this job. What else is new.

It Wasn’t Happening Today

The New York Stock Exchange traded well for a little bit but then it just sort of dried up. I just couldn’t find the opportunities that I needed. I had two decent trades but they were all but vaporized with the onslaught of forced reduced size trades that went against me.

Then there was the matter of Feeder Cattle which absolutely did not go my way from the get go. I lost money today in the most definitive way possible. Not the way I want to do business but as long as I didn’t lose on big size, it’s a small but important consolation. Still, I don’t like looking at those big red digits on my screen.

I Did Trade Today

The New York Stock Exchange started off a little too slow for my tastes this morning. I took a couple of trades on the least amount of contracts that I could and after seeing that I had no bearing on the market whatsoever, I decided to log off.

Besides, the only thing that saved my day was trading the British Pound and even then, because I didn’t have all that much capital in it, I didn’t make as much money as I could have. But it’s fine. I just wasn’t feeling too comfortable with the market anyway – which is why I didn’t do any trading yesterday for the long weekend of sorts.

Anyway, I am bored. I am tired. There’s no reason for me to be staying awake at this point and the wife is asleep next to me. Good night – or as they say in France – toodles

Friday Night Lights

The New York Stock Exchange was strong today. I thought we were going to have a slow Friday due to geopolitical news but things kind of just broke open and off we went.

I traded Orange Juice this morning when it looked like it would be the second day of me not trading any assets. OJ just struck me as having decent enough conditions. As you can probably see, I don’t trade it all that much but I keep it within reach because it is a helpful tool for the PnL. As a drink, it is absolutely delicious but bowel movement inducing (for me, at least).

As you could probably tell from the first paragraph, my cash open trades went very well. Also, because of the market conditions, I didn’t have to put on my maximum size. I was able to get what I needed to get due to the sheer number of opportunities I got. So that’s that.

Now I can relax into the weekend knowing I had a productive Friday.