The New York Stock Exchange traded well on Monday and today. I had to take the day off yesterday (still observed the markets though) because I came down with a bit of a fever. I’m still not completely over it but I’ll make do.

Today, I traded Cocoa and did shitty on it. But I was saved on the cash open as my size helped turn moribund price action into PnL winners despite my poor showing in Cocoa.

The wife and I stayed in to watch the Westminster Kennel Dog Show. She loves it and it became a little tradition for us to see it every year. However, after a few years of watching this bullshit, I’ve pretty much had enough. It’s all politics where the best dog isn’t the one crowned best in show – it’s all a conspiracy of political intrigue and connections. Tonight, wasn’t as bad as 2015’s but it still reeked of bullcrap. I was rooting for the Dogue De Bouvier and instead, they picked a long haired terrier and a foxwire as the reserve and best in show, respectively. What the fuck is that shit???

I’m done with Westminster! I haven’t been this pissed since Taco Bell cancelled their Volcano Burritos.

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