Ok, I don’t know what is going on. The only thing that I can tell you is that by the time the afternoon arrives, I am usually tired as all hell and the only thing I’m thinking about it getting dinner and making sure my wife is all taken care of.

Trading has surprisingly been ok for the last 3 days. Monday was the slowest of the three days where I pretty much canceled out my asset trades with my cash open performance. But pretty much all week after that has been about incremental PnL excellence on both asset and cash open trades. It’s not what I’d like, mind you but it is within the realm of what is ideal for what I need to sustain the household.

I am seriously starting to wonder if this will mark the sunset of my blogging here but I won’t get into it too much because all it takes to get myself back on track is just a small adjustment and who knows, maybe I’ll be back to my old scheduled self again. For now, this is where I am and all I can do is navigate these waters the best I can.

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