Slow Day

The New York Stock Exchange traded today, but it wasn’t the brisk kind of trading that I needed. Even on smaller size, I just couldn’t lock in as much profits as I needed to offset any mistakes I made today.

I didn’t trade any assets so I really needed to do well in the cash open. Because I didn’t, I’m looking out of my window with tears in my eyes rocking slowly back and forth wishing I had a time machine where I can go back to 1989, kidnap my father and detain him until my mother got married to another man and I would slowly fade away from existence.

Another Day Another Dollar

The New York Stock Exchange had a brisk morning – that’s good. As always, I need mornings with quick and decisive moves in order to make money. And that is exactly what I did, although it wasn’t as much as I wanted to because I didn’t feel comfortable about putting too much capital on the line. I just let my gut do the talking when it came to size today.

I traded Feeder Cattle this morning and on decent size, I was able to churn out 3 very solid trades that made up for 1 stupid trade but didn’t cost me all that much. I am happy about that. Then, of course, with the cash open today was as productive as productive could be.

I don’t know why I am forgetting to post earlier. Maybe it’s because this blog is finally starting to die or my hatred of this job is pushing a heavy weight in the underpinnings of my intentions for this blog which is to just write and write. Either way, I’m glad I didn’t lose money today and that I was productive. Thank God.

Westminster Dog Show AKA Bullshit Politics

The New York Stock Exchange traded well on Monday and today. I had to take the day off yesterday (still observed the markets though) because I came down with a bit of a fever. I’m still not completely over it but I’ll make do.

Today, I traded Cocoa and did shitty on it. But I was saved on the cash open as my size helped turn moribund price action into PnL winners despite my poor showing in Cocoa.

The wife and I stayed in to watch the Westminster Kennel Dog Show. She loves it and it became a little tradition for us to see it every year. However, after a few years of watching this bullshit, I’ve pretty much had enough. It’s all politics where the best dog isn’t the one crowned best in show – it’s all a conspiracy of political intrigue and connections. Tonight, wasn’t as bad as 2015’s but it still reeked of bullcrap. I was rooting for the Dogue De Bouvier and instead, they picked a long haired terrier and a foxwire as the reserve and best in show, respectively. What the fuck is that shit???

I’m done with Westminster! I haven’t been this pissed since Taco Bell cancelled their Volcano Burritos.

For Yesterday And Today

The New York Stock Exchange traded quick out of the open today. I was able to get something with medium size which is good considering the shitshow that I put on yesterday.

I did not trade any other assets this morning because there was nothing in my radar. I didn’t want to force things either knowing that I’d feel like shit about my overall performance these last two days. Today was a good way to end the week but it only went so far as to erase the wounds suffered yesterday. I completely screwed up trading the British Pound and then, in an effort to get back into positive, could not separate my head from my ass in the cash open despite the precipitous drop we had.

I just didn’t feel like blogging yesterday because I was so pissed. The only good thing that came out of today was that I ended positive. I’m gonna go and mindlessly play video games for the rest of the day.


The New York Stock Exchange didn’t do much this morning.

I traded very limited size on both sets of trades – the cash open and Feeder Cattle (again). I was not as successful with livestock today as I was yesterday (or was it the day before?).

I’m tired.

That’s Gonna Be A No For Me, Dawg

The New York Stock Exchange opened up slowly yet again. I didn’t have the needed amount of volatility to take the kind of shots I wanted to take. I had a feeling this was going to happen. The way the market was moving preopen, I just felt like no one was interested in coming out with big orders – not for open at least.

With that being said, I traded Feeder Cattle this morning and took advantage of a quick move on size. I thought that it would be the start of a long and productive day for me but as soon as I saw how the cash open was, I realized that I just didn’t feel safe putting what I earned at risk. In the end, I decided to trade the bare minimum lots for the open and after 3 round trips my feelings were confirmed. I logged off and am now proceeding with the rest of the day.

I don’t know what I’ll do for the afternoon since I don’t have a whole bunch of things to take care of for the house. I would like to lounge around but it doesn’t feel like a lounging around kinda day for me. I need to do stuff. The wife is off today but she is sleeping in/watching Netflix in bed. I may just join her there instead.


The New York Stock Exchange opened up slowly today – far too slow for me to be able to do anything.

I traded a couple of round trips on size and I was like: “fuck this shit”. There was no point in trying to squeeze out some ticks. I traded Wheat this morning and that was where I made my cash. It would have made up for the lack of production on the cash open if I had sized up a little more but I just wasn’t comfortable with Wheat so whatever I got out of it was whatever I got.

How about those Patriots, huh? I knew they were gonna win but like a train wreck in slow motion that you just keep watching…well, you just keep watching. I won’t hate though – excellence is excellence and you gotta hand it to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, it was a match made in heaven. Now I gotta deal with all these locals in their Patriots gear. It’s idiotic, but hey what a feeling it is to experience that kind of success, right?