No Complaints Here

The New York Stock Exchange traded well enough going into this Friday. I was not completely sized up but I was heavy going into the session. I like it when the markets move so fluidly that all you have to do is buy or sell and within seconds, your trade just takes its form. Of course, the caveat here is that you bet correctly.

For the second day in a row, I couldn’t find a candidate to trade in the other assets so I just let things go at that. I figure it’s better not to go chasing trades and staying in cash. Sometimes, that’s all you can do. The cash open more than made up for it as my final PnL was what I could proudly call productive.

The wife and I are going to a birthday celebration. I can’t wait because it’s going to be at a sushi buffet. You know what that means? Eating sushi until I’m food drunk – the best type of drunk there is!


The New York Stock Exchange came out with some fire this morning but after a few minutes, there was just nothing I could do to get a reading on the market. It sucks it had to be that way. Be that as it may, I did end up positive but I’m not in this business to break even – I’m here to make moooolahhhh.

I didn’t trade any assets today which really put pressure on me to do well in the cash open. This is why when there’s no action, I get pissed off. However, I suppose anything is better than trying to force asset trades and getting killed in them only to have the cash open trade like old canola oil that’s been cold and stuck in the pan.

Was it a productive day? Nope. But there is always tomorrow and I really hope that I can at least be productive then. I need to have something to show for this week.

Holy F*cking McSh*t!!

The New York Stock Exchange traded well this morning. Too bad I sucked camel poopoo otherwise I’d have made some good money. The stinger was that my loss was on size too. I hate this stupid job.

I started off trading Wheat and things looked ok for the first few trades but then on the last two I made I just couldn’t really think things out and ended up taking small losses on the contracts. The PnL for Wheat wasn’t all that big so to suffer the losses with size was just a step above catastrophic for the PnL. I lost something like 25%-33% off my high; enough to make even the most heartless old-school floor traders at the MERC cry. I knew that this was a bad omen and sure enough, when I got to the cash open I started getting kicked around the dirty floor like a half-eaten hot dog at a White Sox game.

What a sh*t way to end the day. Maybe this is all a cycle of bad luck that has already ended with the conclusion of the market day. Last night, a friend of mine needed help transporting a massive portable generator (one of those 8000+ Watts ones) across town. He had his truck but needed my ratchet straps and muscle. For those of you that don’t know, ratchet straps are basically heavy duty straps with a metal spool that cranks to tighten – and hold down – whatever you’ve got on the truck bed or car/suv roof.

Also, I’m not that muscular. Only extremely good looking – and humble, almost to a fault.


On the way, we decided to hit up a McDonalds for a small meal. When we were pulling out, my friend must have engaged a little too much G-Force on the turn because the next thing we hear is a lout !ping! and we see metal flying from the truck and one of the straps flailing in the air. Thank goodness there were no other cars nearby (how that happened, I will never know). Anyway, one strap was still engaged with some of the metal bracket and spool but the other one was a lost cause. I have no idea what caused it to snap but safe to say I am free and clear of a possible lawsuit.

All’s well that ends well though, for that situation. I went out and got some new ratchet straps today and these should hold up pretty well given that they are rated for heavier loads. I guess we’ll see what happens in the end.

Some Nice Action

The New York Stock Exchange had a little pep this morning. Thank goodness because I couldn’t stand these slow days. I figure to enjoy it while it lasts since tomorrow and probably for the whole week, the cash open will be slow – who knows, right? Anyway, my only regret for this cash open was that I wasn’t sized up as much as I wanted to be and it hurt given how well I traded but money is still money.

I traded Feeder Cattle towards the end of the morning and made out with a small wad of cash. As you know, trading livestock like that is a poker game and you don’t want to show people that you’re either a.) taking the market or b.) hitting bids. Obviously, you yourself are not showing people but the action in and of itself is what drives zig zag moves in the market. You just want to coast to your landing spot or burn in sheer pain from the shittyness of your losing trade – there is no in between.

I am tired. I spent the rest of the morning replacing the flood lights on top of my house. I had to use the big ladder and believe me, it’s stressful when you’re climbing up that high and it’s a windy day. I am ready to die though – LMAO! fuck that! no i’m not. But it all worked out, I got the flood lights changed and now it’s all about relaxing for the rest of the day while waiting for the wife to come home.

Quiet Beginning To The Week

The New York Stock Exchange did nothing. Absolutely jack-bull-na-na nothing. I was all set to trade with my finger on the mouse button. My eyes were glued to the DOM and when 9:30 hit, my concentration was like that of an F-15 pilot ready to strike at a moment’s notice against a foreign adversary with similar skill sets but piloting another jet. Unfortunately, all that preparation would be for naught as the cash open was just a big nothingburger.

But all wasn’t lost though. I made out with a good PnL number in the British Pound from early in the morning. I could have just signed off for the rest of the day with that number but as you now know with me, in order to fulfill the mandate of my portfolio calculations, I have to trade the cash open no matter what unless they are only of the most extenuating circumstances.

My mood was markedly better as a result of not having to tango with the cash open and risk losing what I made off of the Pound. Then, the wife called saying she would be done with work early and wanted to know if I would like to eat outside. “Hold it…” I said. “I want you to come home because I’m going to make us a meal to celebrate the wonderful Monday.” She was like “…uhhhh…okayyyy…” lmao! But it was a cause for celebration because I’m thankful for everything in my life. So while she was heading home, I popped into the local grocery store, got the ingredients for our meal and……BAM!!!:

What now, baby boo? You thought I was just some random trader that just complained about trading all day, didn’t ya? Didn’t ya?!? Well, I gotz talents! And I am not ashamed to say that I am a bit of a food artiste . LOL!

Anyway, the wife enjoyed our lunch. She said it was delicious and that the porterhouse was not the consistency of a tennis shoe. In all honesty though, I gotta say that at my age, a porterhouse is just too much for us (individual porterhouses, I mean). We could have totally just split one porterhouse cut and called it a day.

Well, that concludes this slow ass Monday. Hopefully, there’ll be more action towards the rest of the week.

Have I Really Not Posted The Last Two Days?

The New York Stock Exchange has been on a whipsaw action move the last two sessions and when it’s not, well things are quiet.

I am green on balance especially after today. We had great market action and coupled with British Pound and Feeder Cattle trades I made, the week ended better than it began.

But I am more concerned with the lack of posting that I am exhibiting. It seems like this blog’s time is starting to wane. I think if there was more cross participation or something or like if I was getting paid it would be different but as I go with the year, blogging seems to get further and further down my priority list.

I hope you all made money this week and I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Spring Has Sprung

The New York Stock Exchange didn’t really trade with all that much energy today. This is especially frustrating because had I not screwed up yesterday’s trading, I could accept this as just one of those days.

But it isn’t and even though I did well yesterday, it was in a damage control effort rendering this day’s activities in the cash open useless. I did trade Orange Juice but didn’t make all that much money out of that because I changed my contract exposure at the last minute due to the market shifting in a way that I didn’t like. So although it was a winning day in terms of attempts/shots made – I didn’t make enough money to call this day productive.

I just want this week to end.

Harrowing Tuesday

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty decently today although you wouldn’t think it if you saw the look on my face. Even though we aren’t up by any significant margin, there were good trading opportunities in the get go and it wasn’t like you had to reduce size to be effective or anything like that. The money was there for the taking and I was definitely taking it. Unfortunately, I had already dug myself into a deep hole prior to the cash open ensuring that today was going to be more about damage control than actually making money.

I don’t know what happened but I completely screwed up trading the British Pound this morning. I just could not get a good read on the market and for some reason, just made more round trips than I should have. I basically dug myself a hole before signing off that contract and waiting for the cash open.

Obviously, today was not a good day. It started off badly and it just got worse from there with a brief respite trading the cash open.

I really hate this job. As you know, I spend a good part of my weekend silently thinking about how I got myself into this stupid field in the first place. The amount of sacrifice that I had to pour in has not come even close to justifying where I am now. Could it be that out of all the prospective conclusions, this is the best one my life could offer? For some people, that’s a plus but for me that is a glaring minus and all the more reason to fear the overall mechanics of fortune intertwined with life. That means that no matter what I read in any self-help book or whatever slogan I adopt with the goal of positive outcome, my life will largely be determined by luck more than skill and moreso that determination itself. I want to start over. I want to leave and go to a place where the wife and I can live gloriously but spending very little money. I know a place like that: it’s called Fantasyland and it doesn’t exist here on earth. The thought of that makes me sad.

I’ll always, and I mean always – remember those days walking along the front of the New York Stock Exchange, The New York Merc and the Chicago Merc. I’ll remember how bright eyed I was about expectations going in there. Then I remember that I will build a time machine, meet my younger self at one of those three places and smack the shit out of him and tell him to go to medical school.

But then, I would not have met my wonderful wife.

Shit’s crazy, yo.

Happy Monday

The New York Stock Exchange traded well for a brief period of time. That was all I needed as I was able to get in and get out with sufficient size in my trades. I wasn’t fully loaded but neither was I at half capacity. I’ll take it.

I didn’t, however, trade any assets this morning because there were no indications on my list that I could get into something with size. I just decided to forego the rest of the early goings and just concentrate on the cash open.

Spring is going to be here in two days. Amazing. These last couple of months have gone by so quickly that I don’t even know what to do with myself. I was thinking of things to get my brain up and running but considering that I have almost no brain, nothing except mindless entertainment will suffice.

Happy Friday

The New York Stock Exchange traded kind of ok today for my needs. I made money on both the cash open and the asset trades.

The thing is I forgot to post for two sessions. Including today, this week was ass. Even though I finished positive today, I was break-even on both days that I didn’t post. One was where I got into a big hole early and had to climb out, the other one was losing what I made in the early goings. It was a difficult week to say the least.

I’m just ready to chill and rest. Have a good weekend.