The New York Stock Exchange traded with some spirit today. I liked that. I needed it purely for the fact that I needed to trade speed. At this point, I almost didn’t care if I made money or not. I just wanted to see the market move. But you know, because of bills and all, I have to care. Nevertheless, I went in with more than half of my contractual exposure and was rewarded for it.

In lieu of all this, my trades in Cocoa were as bitter as the asset namesake itself. I couldn’t get anything productive from my trades and rather than sit around and wait for something to happen to the price, I just got the hell out of there.

Last night clothes shopping with my wife was fun. Although she got more clothes, I got the clothes that I needed – two new hoodies to wear around the house and/or exercise with. I was thinking of getting new sneakers but I think I’ll hold off on that.

Tonight, since my wife is working a late shift, I’ll just drive around in my truck looking all emotionally cold and distant in the sunset with my cool sunglasses.

At the stoplights, people will think I’m some kind of Jason Bourne super soldier that works for a private clandestine organization for good….and that knows sophisticated closed combat techniques…but lost a friend on a mission and is now visibly scarred and can’t care for anyone…but is secretly wishing someone would break through his walls and help him regain his humanity.

Then I’ll head over to the drive thru falafel place for dinner.


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