The New York Stock Exchange traded like a lazy dog today. I got off 2 good trades on size and was lucky with that because not minutes after I got spooked by how slowly the market was doing, I realized that had I tried to squeeze in one more trade, I would have gotten stuck and would have ended up losing a huge chunk of what little gain I was able to make from the get go. I guess that does it for this week’s anemic action. I’m just glad that I didn’t keep trading or else I would have gone into the weekend a loser and if you know me, I don’t like going into the weekend a loser.

I didn’t see anything else I wanted to trade and that should have been a warning sign unto itself but I should have taken the early morning British Pound trades. I just didn’t feel comfortable with the way that the market was setting up and watched it knowing that I left good money on the table – now that’s something to feel emo about. However, it is what it is and I would rather leave money on the table than lose it even though both are not exactly good outcomes.

I’m just glad I’m done with the week.


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