The New York Stock Exchange traded so-so this morning in terms of moves that I could exploit. I don’t know, maybe I should say it traded better – I just wasn’t able to get as much money as I could. To top it off, I felt like I didn’t bring in enough contracts given the opportunities that I had. Ok, whatever, it was still a day so I can’t complain.

I traded – wait for it – the 30YR early this morning. I rarely, and I mean, rarely ever trade that instrument unless I see something so favorable that I feel comfortable doing it. And comfortable I must be because 10 bad ticks on that thing and you’re questioning your own grip on reality. Anyhoo, things worked out there and I was working with the max exposure that I would need. Yes, I left money on the table but I don’t give a shit.

I’m having a sloppy joe sandwich. For my fans in Asia and Europe (LMAO!), sloppy joe is simply radicalized, indoctrinated-to-violence ketchup that you baste all over cooked ground beef and is traditionally eaten on sandwich buns. But because i’m not a basic bitch, I buy potato bread buns to counter the salt content of the sauce. It’s pretty dope if you ever get a chance to eat it but be warned – don’t put too much of the mixture in your bread bun or else it will leak out when you’re eating it. The key is to gently tap an indentation into your toasted bread bun and fill that indent with the meat mixture and add just a tiny bit more. That way, when you’re eating the sandwich you look like you’re from civilized victorian society instead of a farm where you eat out of a trough with all your friends.


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