The New York Stock Exchange did nothing. Absolutely jack-bull-na-na nothing. I was all set to trade with my finger on the mouse button. My eyes were glued to the DOM and when 9:30 hit, my concentration was like that of an F-15 pilot ready to strike at a moment’s notice against a foreign adversary with similar skill sets but piloting another jet. Unfortunately, all that preparation would be for naught as the cash open was just a big nothingburger.

But all wasn’t lost though. I made out with a good PnL number in the British Pound from early in the morning. I could have just signed off for the rest of the day with that number but as you now know with me, in order to fulfill the mandate of my portfolio calculations, I have to trade the cash open no matter what unless they are only of the most extenuating circumstances.

My mood was markedly better as a result of not having to tango with the cash open and risk losing what I made off of the Pound. Then, the wife called saying she would be done with work early and wanted to know if I would like to eat outside. “Hold it…” I said. “I want you to come home because I’m going to make us a meal to celebrate the wonderful Monday.” She was like “…uhhhh…okayyyy…” lmao! But it was a cause for celebration because I’m thankful for everything in my life. So while she was heading home, I popped into the local grocery store, got the ingredients for our meal and……BAM!!!:

What now, baby boo? You thought I was just some random trader that just complained about trading all day, didn’t ya? Didn’t ya?!? Well, I gotz talents! And I am not ashamed to say that I am a bit of a food artiste . LOL!

Anyway, the wife enjoyed our lunch. She said it was delicious and that the porterhouse was not the consistency of a tennis shoe. In all honesty though, I gotta say that at my age, a porterhouse is just too much for us (individual porterhouses, I mean). We could have totally just split one porterhouse cut and called it a day.

Well, that concludes this slow ass Monday. Hopefully, there’ll be more action towards the rest of the week.

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