The New York Stock Exchange had a little pep this morning. Thank goodness because I couldn’t stand these slow days. I figure to enjoy it while it lasts since tomorrow and probably for the whole week, the cash open will be slow – who knows, right? Anyway, my only regret for this cash open was that I wasn’t sized up as much as I wanted to be and it hurt given how well I traded but money is still money.

I traded Feeder Cattle towards the end of the morning and made out with a small wad of cash. As you know, trading livestock like that is a poker game and you don’t want to show people that you’re either a.) taking the market or b.) hitting bids. Obviously, you yourself are not showing people but the action in and of itself is what drives zig zag moves in the market. You just want to coast to your landing spot or burn in sheer pain from the shittyness of your losing trade – there is no in between.

I am tired. I spent the rest of the morning replacing the flood lights on top of my house. I had to use the big ladder and believe me, it’s stressful when you’re climbing up that high and it’s a windy day. I am ready to die though – LMAO! fuck that! no i’m not. But it all worked out, I got the flood lights changed and now it’s all about relaxing for the rest of the day while waiting for the wife to come home.

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