The New York Stock Exchange traded well this morning. Too bad I sucked camel poopoo otherwise I’d have made some good money. The stinger was that my loss was on size too. I hate this stupid job.

I started off trading Wheat and things looked ok for the first few trades but then on the last two I made I just couldn’t really think things out and ended up taking small losses on the contracts. The PnL for Wheat wasn’t all that big so to suffer the losses with size was just a step above catastrophic for the PnL. I lost something like 25%-33% off my high; enough to make even the most heartless old-school floor traders at the MERC cry. I knew that this was a bad omen and sure enough, when I got to the cash open I started getting kicked around the dirty floor like a half-eaten hot dog at a White Sox game.

What a sh*t way to end the day. Maybe this is all a cycle of bad luck that has already ended with the conclusion of the market day. Last night, a friend of mine needed help transporting a massive portable generator (one of those 8000+ Watts ones) across town. He had his truck but needed my ratchet straps and muscle. For those of you that don’t know, ratchet straps are basically heavy duty straps with a metal spool that cranks to tighten – and hold down – whatever you’ve got on the truck bed or car/suv roof.

Also, I’m not that muscular. Only extremely good looking – and humble, almost to a fault.


On the way, we decided to hit up a McDonalds for a small meal. When we were pulling out, my friend must have engaged a little too much G-Force on the turn because the next thing we hear is a lout !ping! and we see metal flying from the truck and one of the straps flailing in the air. Thank goodness there were no other cars nearby (how that happened, I will never know). Anyway, one strap was still engaged with some of the metal bracket and spool but the other one was a lost cause. I have no idea what caused it to snap but safe to say I am free and clear of a possible lawsuit.

All’s well that ends well though, for that situation. I went out and got some new ratchet straps today and these should hold up pretty well given that they are rated for heavier loads. I guess we’ll see what happens in the end.

2 thoughts on “Holy F*cking McSh*t!!

  1. Reminds me of a recent drive home behind a pick-up with the tail gate down and a ride-on mower in the bed. We stopped at a light on a steep hill and something told me not to get too close. Sure enough the light turns green and the ride-on mower falls out of the truck, landing directly in front of my car. Close one. Ha, ha!

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