The New York Stock Exchange traded well enough going into this Friday. I was not completely sized up but I was heavy going into the session. I like it when the markets move so fluidly that all you have to do is buy or sell and within seconds, your trade just takes its form. Of course, the caveat here is that you bet correctly.

For the second day in a row, I couldn’t find a candidate to trade in the other assets so I just let things go at that. I figure it’s better not to go chasing trades and staying in cash. Sometimes, that’s all you can do. The cash open more than made up for it as my final PnL was what I could proudly call productive.

The wife and I are going to a birthday celebration. I can’t wait because it’s going to be at a sushi buffet. You know what that means? Eating sushi until I’m food drunk – the best type of drunk there is!

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