Nothing To Report

The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly for all I could see. I could have traded the open but for some reason my connection was spotty so rather than have to frantically call my broker asking them to get me flat if my shit stopped responding, I just decided not to trade.

British Pound trades yielded nothing. All in all, today was a nothingburger.

Here, watch a Halo playthrough as this is probably what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day:

Sloppy Joe Sandwich, Clean Rhiese Trading

The New York Stock Exchange traded so-so this morning in terms of moves that I could exploit. I don’t know, maybe I should say it traded better – I just wasn’t able to get as much money as I could. To top it off, I felt like I didn’t bring in enough contracts given the opportunities that I had. Ok, whatever, it was still a day so I can’t complain.

I traded – wait for it – the 30YR early this morning. I rarely, and I mean, rarely ever trade that instrument unless I see something so favorable that I feel comfortable doing it. And comfortable I must be because 10 bad ticks on that thing and you’re questioning your own grip on reality. Anyhoo, things worked out there and I was working with the max exposure that I would need. Yes, I left money on the table but I don’t give a shit.

I’m having a sloppy joe sandwich. For my fans in Asia and Europe (LMAO!), sloppy joe is simply radicalized, indoctrinated-to-violence ketchup that you baste all over cooked ground beef and is traditionally eaten on sandwich buns. But because i’m not a basic bitch, I buy potato bread buns to counter the salt content of the sauce. It’s pretty dope if you ever get a chance to eat it but be warned – don’t put too much of the mixture in your bread bun or else it will leak out when you’re eating it. The key is to gently tap an indentation into your toasted bread bun and fill that indent with the meat mixture and add just a tiny bit more. That way, when you’re eating the sandwich you look like you’re from civilized victorian society instead of a farm where you eat out of a trough with all your friends.

All Crappy That Ends Crappy

The New York Stock Exchange traded like a lazy dog today. I got off 2 good trades on size and was lucky with that because not minutes after I got spooked by how slowly the market was doing, I realized that had I tried to squeeze in one more trade, I would have gotten stuck and would have ended up losing a huge chunk of what little gain I was able to make from the get go. I guess that does it for this week’s anemic action. I’m just glad that I didn’t keep trading or else I would have gone into the weekend a loser and if you know me, I don’t like going into the weekend a loser.

I didn’t see anything else I wanted to trade and that should have been a warning sign unto itself but I should have taken the early morning British Pound trades. I just didn’t feel comfortable with the way that the market was setting up and watched it knowing that I left good money on the table – now that’s something to feel emo about. However, it is what it is and I would rather leave money on the table than lose it even though both are not exactly good outcomes.

I’m just glad I’m done with the week.

Emo Trader

The New York Stock Exchange traded with some spirit today. I liked that. I needed it purely for the fact that I needed to trade speed. At this point, I almost didn’t care if I made money or not. I just wanted to see the market move. But you know, because of bills and all, I have to care. Nevertheless, I went in with more than half of my contractual exposure and was rewarded for it.

In lieu of all this, my trades in Cocoa were as bitter as the asset namesake itself. I couldn’t get anything productive from my trades and rather than sit around and wait for something to happen to the price, I just got the hell out of there.

Last night clothes shopping with my wife was fun. Although she got more clothes, I got the clothes that I needed – two new hoodies to wear around the house and/or exercise with. I was thinking of getting new sneakers but I think I’ll hold off on that.

Tonight, since my wife is working a late shift, I’ll just drive around in my truck looking all emotionally cold and distant in the sunset with my cool sunglasses.

At the stoplights, people will think I’m some kind of Jason Bourne super soldier that works for a private clandestine organization for good….and that knows sophisticated closed combat techniques…but lost a friend on a mission and is now visibly scarred and can’t care for anyone…but is secretly wishing someone would break through his walls and help him regain his humanity.

Then I’ll head over to the drive thru falafel place for dinner.

Barely There

The New York Stock Exchange traded a little faster than what it had been doing for most of the week. Relatively, it was a good thing but in the big picture of things, it was a subpar performance. I got out of today’s trading with incremental gains that took more stress to make and thus reduces the value of the PnL. I can’t call it productive.

Orange Juice just wasn’t welcoming to my trade ideas. I tried sizing up with the max contracts on two trades and I was turned back on both of them before deciding there was no juice to be wrung out of the contract.

I’m going to change my pace today and instead of doing housework stuff, I’m gonna go do a little light shopping for myself; specifically workout clothes. I’ve been wearing the same pair now for a year and I think it’s time for a refresh. The wife got out of work early and wanted to take a nap so when she wakes up she’ll probably want to go with me and do some clothes shopping of her own.


The New York Stock Exchange ain’t doin jack-sh*t this week. We got out of the gate slowly and chugged along ever since. My only respite was catching a couple of good trades on British Pound and that was my day.

Not Bad Not Good

The New York Stock Exchange traded horribly this morning. I felt even worse after seeing the action it did later in the day. I needed that kind of market turbulence. As it was, I didn’t do much at all because I didn’t trade any assets.

Overall, today was just very slow and I was done by quarter after 10 – not a good sign but at least I didn’t have a gigantic loss or anything similar.

Made It To The Weekend

The New York Stock Exchange traded too slow for me to be able to do anything this morning. Actually, it was probably moreso that I just couldn’t get a read on the market. I felt like I had come in with too little size and as a result I was trying to overtrade to make up for it. While I may have produced some type of alpha in my asset trades, in the cash open where round turns is more important, I kind of shot myself in the foot.

And so ends a rather slow but tumultuous week for me as well as month. While I am thankful that I did make money, I just didn’t feel like I traded to the best of my abilities. Alot of it was due to the fact that I am really getting tired of doing this for a living and I am spending almost as much time fantasizing about a life without it as much as I am prepping for each day. Oh well, at least I’ve got this whole weekend to dream of not doing this dumb job anymore.