Pushing Towards A Goal

The New York Stock Exchange traded well this morning. With the risk that I had given myself and the moves that occurred, I was productive in extracting money from the coal mines known as the cash open. Sometimes, I wonder to myself if I only characterize cash open action as good if I’ve made money or vice versa. It’s important because any small improvement is a good improvement – especially when it’s trying to find an edge in this money game. Whatever improvements or new ideas you have, you owe it to yourself to try and find out of it’s effective. And you’ve got to keep coming up with ideas because most of the time, ideas just dissipate once a certain action of the market comes into balance. That’s what makes this business so hard and thus why I want to take a crap on it and never come back should I become a multi-millionaire.

I traded Corn – out of all things – today because I felt comfortable with the setups and moves it could do. Again, I wasn’t full on my contract count or anything so I could afford to be a little nimble. While I dug myself into a hole at first, I was able to eventually find the rhyme of the market and got myself into plus territory.

This afternoon will be landscaping duties for me. I put off mulching and such for too long of a time and now the yard looks a little worn. Of course I’d like to save money but our subdivision – although being a little on the old side – still has a certain code to it that we’d all rather keep just for the sake of property values. The only good thing about all of this is that I am not the first, nor will I be the last house to do spring cleaning. So, I’ll be loading up the truck with sod and various other garden things together with disposal containers for the rubbish I gotta throw out. I’m not looking forward to it but I have to do it now before we start hitting consistent 70 degree weather. The wife and I like doing gardening stuff while there’s still a spring breeze in the air to counter the sun.

Taking Charge Of Monday

The New York Stock Exchange traded in between fast and slow today so I realized that my contract size was not going to cut it if I was going to make money. I committed, after a few missed limit orders, to take the market if I saw a trade materialize. When it did, I did what I needed to do. Unfortunately, that was the only time I could take the market as I just didn’t feel comfortable any longer being in the realm of the cash open.

It was the same for asset trading although it was in different magnitude. While there were more than a handful of trades available, I found myself having to slip in and out of position spots as I trailed the mass of smart buyers and sellers. Not the best strategy but in a tight market, it is something to keep in your repertoire. Did I make real money? Not really. Mind you, I was sized almost to the minimum per risk requirements today so with my British Pound trades not having the one or two moves, I was basically dumpster diving and slumming it for ticks like someone dumpster diving and slumming it for food in San Francisco making $70K/yr.

Damn, I am bored today. But you can bet your bottom dollar I am thankful to God.

Thank The Lord

The New York Stock Exchange traded well enough on Friday for me to make some semi decent trades. While not on size, the ticks were enough to offset contract limitations and coupled with my asset trades, made for a productive Friday. I knew things were going to calm after a while so I just decided to sign off after I hit 4 or so trades.

Besides, I had already made a good chunk of change trading Wheat in the morning. I was going to try and make it a hat trick by getting into Feeder Cattle but while waiting for my orders to be filled, I just didn’t like the way the market looked and pulled my bids/asks.

All in all, I am thankful for a productive Friday. Right now, I am just hanging out and waiting for the wife. We will be doing some grocery shopping so I figure I’d pop out a post that I forgot to do on Friday.

A Good Start

The New York Stock Exchange had an energetic start for the session. I really needed this as these past few days have been a little rough in the momentum department. You need movement in the market. I don’t care which way things go but you need movement. Without movement, there is nothing and no amount of size will help you out. In fact, size in a static environment is a recipe for a disaster of gigantic proportions.

Anyway, I had the cash open and I traded Feeder Cattle again this morning. This time, I didn’t make all that much money from GF. I was surprised but I got out at the levels I got out so there was really nothing I could do. I didn’t trade all that much really. I just traded a couple of times because I didn’t see any good jumping points that I could utilize. If it weren’t for the one trade out of the 4, I probably would have been better off not trading the contract.

Stardew Valley is going great. Since I had a whole weekend to get the hang of the game, all I’ve been doing is the repetitive stuff as well as getting online and seeing what the community is like. It’s really cool. I wish they had a PC version of the game instead of just porting to iOS and Android, but I suppose I can just play on the iPad. I want to take a nap. I am very thankful to God for today but I am beat.

Tradin’ Cajun

The New York Stock Exchange traded sort of well this morning but I recognized that there wasn’t going to be any good money to be made even if I sized up. I had minimum capital exposure today because it just really seems like the market is easing into some kind of malaise.

While it sucks I couldn’t be sized up for the cash open, I was thankful that I wasn’t with my asset trades because even though the losses weren’t big, trading Feeder Cattle went about as horribly as it could go today. I just didn’t know what to do and where to begin. After a few trades, I realized that I was going to get slaughtered doing this so I signed off with a pretty rough looking PnL. Ironically, the cash open was the savior today.

I will be making jambalaya tonight for the wife as she cooked a scrumptious dinner last night. Prior to me, she had no sense of what Cajun or Southern cooking was like so I had made all types of dishes from crackling bread to Cajun crawfish. She really liked it but admitted to me it was a little too much for her taste buds so I have learned to scale down the Cajun seasonings a bit to suit her taste. I just bought a new cast iron dutch oven so I’m stoked to try it out. While the seasoning’s a burnin’ i’ll be enjoyn’ a good ol’ tune from back yonder. Reckon’ it help the scallops taste better.

Tired Tuesdays

The New York Stock Exchange opened up with a barrage of rapid trading this morning but it all dissipated quicker than my first payday check at my first post-college job.

I was sized up by more than half the contract count for today’s action and because of that I was able to navigate my trades a little quicker than if I was sized up any bigger. For that I am thankful. Why? Because today was a mixed bag in cash trading. Try as I might to make money, the fact that the market slowed down really didn’t do me any favors and I just had to let things go the way they were.

I traded Feeder Cattle and finished about half and hour ago. That was where I made my money today although I kind of stepped into a doozy in the beginning and was down pretty big money. But as is the nature of the contract, unless it moves hard against you, you kind of sort of have a chance to make money. I preferably would like to make money instantaneously but with this contract, you must wait things out which adds to the misery of the job.

Today is another one of those listless days. I don’t foresee myself going out for anything – and I mean anything. I will more than likely just sleep on the couch all afternoon and watch TV after facetiming with the wife.


I took the day off today because I figure the markets – even the asset markets weren’t really going to trade all that much.

I may have missed a trade or two but it’s fine. I’ll just get back on the death horse tomorrow. It’s nice relaxing and spending time with the wife making dinner together.

Until then, I’ll be mentally and emotionally preparing myself for this job I hate so much with some Nyangostar…

Good Friday

The wife took the day off and I am not trading for obvious reasons. We did the stations of the cross prayers at 8am because it coincides with the time JC died on the cross.

It’s nice to be able to spend time with the wife on this important occasion. What’s more, it’s good to be able to reflect while taking the day off. I am also thinking of taking the Monday off as well.

If there’s anything this somber occasion teaches me, it’s that if you’re going to come in to a place or situation with fanfare and a whole slew of fans, you need to understand people will be jealous and will work against you. That’s why you not only should be cultivating your fans, but you need to have a trusted group of men in arms. This is the same principle that applies to all men who hold some kind of power whether you’re some low level gangbanger in the neighborhood, a mediocre rapper who happened to get famous, or a head of state. You have to be armed with something to keep the bad things back.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you’re the son of God and can resurrect yourself but even then, JC sweat blood cause he knew the kind of torture he was gonna be up against.

Anyway, it’s going to be a quiet weekend for me. I bought a copy of Stardew Valley for Xbox One so I’ll more than likely be playing that for most of the time. I can’t wait to play.

Here’s the trailer!:

A Little Different

The New York Stock Exchange traded off to a semi slow start this morning. My risk didn’t call for full size trades or half size trades. In fact, it called for the minimum. I just decided right then and there to give it a couple of round trips and call it a day regardless of what the result was. True to form, nothing happened and I would have been better off just shutting the computer down. It is, after, all holy Thursday.

It was also a mixed bag with asset trades as my Wheat performance went from good to bad then good and then flatlining. No point in forcing the issue more.

The wife and I decided to eat outside for lunch at a hibachi place. It was nice that she had the day off. I’m hoping she’ll get the day off tomorrow so we can go to mass and just kind of relax afterwards. It’s a beautiful spring day. I wish spring was always like this: semi-cold wind but warm sunny days.

Another Boring Day

The New York Stock Exchange was very slow this morning. It was almost pointless for me to trade.

I literally looked at the cash open for 30 seconds before deciding that it was not worth the effort to try and trade.

As for assets, I didn’t even trade anything there either. Everything just looked quiet.