April Fool’s Biiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaatchhhhh!!!!

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty well though off the morning bell. I needed this for this Monday as well as the start of the month. I was trading full size so for the trades that I hit it out of the park on, I was lapping up the juices of victory. Unfortunately, because I am also stupid, I made mistakes and while it didn’t ruin the PnL, I couldn’t help but think of the extra money I could have taken with me had my brain cells not diarrhea’d my early efforts.

I did not trade any assets today because there were no setups that I felt I could take advantage of. That’s what put more pressure on me to do well in the cash open. I would like to not trade the cash open at times but because of the way I structure my risk and portfolio, I have to dive into that septic tank known as the market open to dig out profits amidst the fecal waste of buying and selling on Wall Street. OMG YAZZZZZ!!!

I am ridiculously busy today. Like busy to a point where I am delirious. I will be hauling and towing a ton of shit across town so as soon as I press “submit” on this blog post, I am out the door. I like being busy, but not so busy that you feel like you’re an Egyptian slave working to build Rameses the II’s pyramid. I not only have that to do but some tax paperwork I need to be prepping for when Uncle Sam gives his annual anal blasting to everyone who dares to work outside of the safe confines of W-2 tax brackets.

I have to meditate for a second. I’m annoyed but I know I just need to muscle through this day!

For that, I’ll need the power of Japanese Pop! :


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