The New York Stock Exchange was like me today; bloated, slow and overall nonchalant as the minutes of the trading morning ticked away. I was exposed a little over half of my maximum allowable exposure and I didn’t get diddly squat. It was more like 1 step forward and 1.5 steps back. At the end of the day, there was just nothing to be made in the cash open.

Neither was there anything to be made in Feeder Cattle – only money to be lost. You never really “break even” in this contract. It’s either you’ve made a good amount of money or you lost a small but unnervingly significant amount.

I’m tired. I need some new tools. I’m going to hit up Amazon on my iPad and see what I can find before sleep overtakes me. Hopefully, the wife – who is typing an email out next to me on the couch will cook dinner for us. I’m too lazy to do anything more today.


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